Supergraphic Strategies is dedicated to analyzing interior design from the late 60s and the early-to-mid 70s with the intent of utilizing the information in today’s homes. This blog focuses less on free-standing furniture and more on surfaces and the layout of the room. My interest lies in realistic projects and ideas for people working on a budget.

Topics that will be covered in this blog include:

  • Wall Treatments (Paint, Wood, Cloth)
  • Patterns and Color Schemes (Supergraphics, Fabrics, Wallpaper, Flooring)
  • Built-Ins (Seating, Storage)
  • Levels and Division of Space (Conversation Pits, Seating Platforms, Room Dividers)

Though this blog operates on the assumption that you already own several vintage pieces, I will occasionally delve into furniture that you can make yourself.

I provide citations and additional resources whenever possible. The cropped image that appears on the top of each page is from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement (1970).


I am a practicing artist and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have previously worked in classrooms as an art teacher, and currently, I develop science exhibitions for Chicago’s Field Museum. Mainly I like collecting, categorizing, analyzing, and daydreaming about my future home. You can view my artwork – bookbinding, printmaking, and interactives – at


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