Edward T. White’s Architectural Drawings

A Book Review

A Graphic Vocabulary for Architectural Presentation by Edward T. White — a boring title for a visually stunning book. Published in 1972, this spiral bound manual was intended as a textbook for architect students. But you don’t have to be an architect to appreciate it. All you need is a love of the 70s. Unlike most books I feature on this blog, there are no photographs within – instead it is comprised of delicate line drawings of 1970s furniture and spaces.

Hatching, crosshatching, stippling, contours, and more – all of the illustrations are based on the Line.

There are 53 pages of period chairs, couches, ottomans, side tables, dining room tables, conference tables, and office furniture – some drawn with simple contour outlines, others which are shaded in through hatching, crosshatching, and many other line-based techniques:

Strangely, there is only one page of lamps:

In order to flesh out the students’ architectural spaces, this books also features 12 pages of adults and children dressed in 70 clothes and hairdos, plus 12 pages of period automobiles:

And of course, (considering that this is an architect manual and all,) there are pages upon pages of textures that you can produce with lines, including different ways to draw brick, stone, wood, grass, trees, shrubs, etc.

Unfortunately there are only a handful of the author’s absolutely beautiful finished architectural drawings at the end of the book. It’s a shame, I would have loved to see more.

If you are interested in buying A Graphic Vocabulary for Architectural Presentation (180 pages), I would suggest seeking out a spiral-bound copy, so that the pages will lie flat if you are drawing from it or photocopying it. After a quick search, I found some copies on and other obscure book shops online. Edward T. White is additionally the author and illustrator of many other architecture manuals  (none of which I have read). Thank you, Edward T. White!


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